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Lettmann Ergonom Extreme

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All the individuals that I listen to and respect as paddlers all agree that this is the best paddle you can buy, what more can I say?

The Ergonom is the daddy of all crank shaft paddles and is only available in the lettmann’s LCS 70 construction, the paddles are made of 70% carbon, 10% Kevlar and 20% fiber glass in combination with high quality epoxy resin, the result is a paddle that offers stiffness and strength like no other paddle out there. The extreme has a slightly higher Kevlar content and does weigh a bit more, perfect for normal whitewater paddling and extreme racing, the Pro is slightly lighter and the choice of many of the world’s top slalom racers .

What Lettmann Say (with a German accent) The unique paddle! We searched a new concept of paddles and we have developed the Ergonom Pro. Whether the face of the blade was reduced, you have 7 % more power. It is because of a change of the angle from blade to shaft, geometry of the blade and a new profile. Now, you have an easy and effective control. The Ergonom Pro is really good for slalom and rodeo sports. We recommend the Ergonom Pro Extrem for white water and rodeo sport. All Ergonom paddles are really stable and durable.

These paddle comes in kit form, we can make them up to most lengths and feathers. 


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Excellent service from WWTCC - Paddles made and send from Germany and I was kept informed throughout.

Thought I would leave some additional info as testimonials were fairly thin on the ground when I was looking at these.

Based on one use at a local Mill, No proper WW rivers yet so take this with a pinch of salt.

The finish of the paddles is fantastic as you would expect at this price.

The 200cm Ergos Small Blade with Vario split feel a fairly heavy when out of the water compared to my previous 100% carbon cranks however when in the water they feel very light and buoyant.

I was paddling with 30 degree blades before but with these I seemed to have settled around 45 - 50 degrees as the optimum feather with the Lettmanns. Think it must be down to the blade being a couple of cm froward of the knuckles....... maybe.

The hand position on the crank is really nice and you can definitely feel when the paddle is correctly orientated plus the length of cranked section means you can play about with how far apart your hands are.

The blades shape is more long and thin than fat and wide and although slightly smaller in surface area than my previous set of paddles they seem more powerful and the power seems to come in earlier in the stroke and continue for longer. Guessing this is down to the paddle blade being offset from the hand.

The Vario joint is really nicely done and the flick switch lock works well. This gives 8-10cm additional length and infinite adjustments on feather.

The blades have a reinforced edge so this should help with wear.

All in all I'm very impressed - pretty expensive but hopefully they will last a long time.

Pete | Norfolk | February 2019

Peter these paddles are without question the best paddle I've ever used. Thank you for your recommendation spot on.

Ted | London | November 2011