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Doc's Proplugs 'ear plugs, vented with leash'

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Keeps water out, lets voice in. Protects your ears!
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Have you ever suffered form ear infections or even temporary hearing loss after paddling? It's really not nice but it is also so easily avoided by wearing a set of these ear plugs.

Doc’s Proplugs can prevent swimmers ear , and ear pain by blocking water from entering the ears, keeping ears warm and preventing the flushing of water in and out of the ear. Ear pain and infection are caused by cold exposure and erosion of delicate skin and wax in the ear canal.
Pro plugs are designed to be non-invasive, long-lasting,  and ready-to-wear. Plus, they can be quickly and easily fitted. Doc's proplugs are made of soft, hypo-allergenic Kraton with memory that provides a watertight seal.

- Exostosis (surfer’s ear) is characterised by bony growth within the ear canal caused by persistent irritation of the bone by cold and water. Cold or warm air blowing into a wet ear lowers the temperature due to evaporation which stimulates bony growth. Also the skin’s surface is cooled by conduction, radiation and convection which causes heat loss that triggers bony growth.

No EarPlug.

With Earplug.

Doc's Proplugs work best when they are fitted correctly, please come into our shop to be fitted with the correct size we have a full fitting set here, you can try the diffrent sizes and can workout what size fit's you best. If you know your size however please place an order on-line and we can get them dispatched ASAP.
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