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Werner Powerhouse Straight Glass

Werner's Full Sized Premium glass blades on a straight carbon shaft.

VE Creeker Glass Blade on Straight Glass Shaft Vario

VE Creeker, standard glass blades on a glass shaft with a vario joint for maximum adjustability

Werner Powerhouse Bent Carbon Glass

Werner's largest Premium glass blades on a neutral bent carbon shaft.

Werner Sherpa Straight Glass

Werner's mid sized premium design for whitewater and river running with glass blades and a straight carbon blend shaft.

Lettmann Ergonom Vario 2pc

The ultimate white water paddle.

Lettmann Nitro WW

Lettmann's newest paddle design. 

From: £519.00
Palm Paddle Bag

Looks after your paddles on a trip AND keeps your car seats nice and clean when in transit to and from the river.

From: £80.00
Werner Powerhouse  Straight Carbon

Werner's largest Premium carbon blades on a straight carbon shaft.

Werner Sherpa  Bent Carbon

The Werner Sherpa with Carbon blades on a Bent Carbon shaft

Werner Stikine Bent Carbon

The Stikine's Performance Core blades are the ultimate creek and river running design. The mid size blade design is powerful and suitable for a variety of kayakers.

Werner Stikine Straight Carbon

The Stikine uses Werner's most advanced technology in this river running paddle. Decades of testing on the river have led them to a design worthy of it's namesake.

Werner Powerhouse  Bent Carbon

Werner's largest Performance carbon blades on a neutral bent carbon shaft.