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If you are looking to use the river as your playground then the Axiom could be your toy.
Dagger's go anywhere do anything river boat, fast and forgiving this is the perfect boat for the paddler that wants to explorer white water rivers but also enjoys a surf or even a relaxing sunday paddle down your local canal/river.
One kayak to do it all! and haven't Jackson done well.
2013 & 2014 SickLine winning boat! Well Done Mr Morley! Twice, told you it was a fast :-)
The MANTA large is the fastest and most beautiful creeker Lettmann have ever created. More bow rocker, more volume in the stern - faster and easier handling in heavy water.
#FasterisFunner - Don't believe us? Come and take the demo for a spin!
DEMO Available!
Old school goodness with a modern touch
DEMO BOAT AVAILABLE This is a firm favourite with the staff, come and give the demo a try and find out why.
If you want to go BIG? Step forward and give the Original Gangsta a go.
You want to have fun on the river? Steeze style is here!
Maybe the best creek boat option out there for paddlers 80Kg and below, a true gem of a design
The original just got better, Easier, faster and more comfortable
The Diesel offered with 'Blackout' outffitting including ratchet backrest, bulkhead footrest and adjustable thigh braces.
The Diesel is great all round river running creek boat. The 4 by 4 kayak some would say.