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Whitewater Cags

These cags are designed for use on fast moving water where it is likely that a lot of water will be splashed onto you or you are going to spend time in the water. To keep you as dry and warm as possible in these kind of environments a White water cag will feature tight latex (referred to as ‘dry’) or neoprene seals (semi dry) around the neck and wrists.  Often the primary seal will be protected by a secondary seal made from the same fabric as the rest of the cag with a Velcro tab to fasten it or a neoprene ‘punch through’ cone.  You will also commonly find a twin waist tube designed to work with your spray deck waist tube and be constructed from mid weight or heavier weight fabrics often with additional reinforcement on high wear areas like the elbows.


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Palm Fuse Jacket

4 layer 2 way stretch semi dry jacket

Palm Atom Jacket

High Performance XP3 fabric with latex neck and wrist seals

Palm Surge Jacket

Popular XP2.5 fabric jacket with latex neck and wrist seals

Palm Zenith Long Sleeve Jacket

XP2.5 fabric jacket featuring Ultrastretch neoprene neck

Palm Zenith Long Sleeve Womens Jacket

A 2.5 layer mid weight semi dry cag with a glideskin neck seal and latex wrists.

Palm Zenith Short Sleeve Jacket

XP 2.5 fabric jacket with ultrastretch neoprene seals

Palm Mistral Short Sleeve Jacket

Versatile XP2.5 fabric jacket with twin waist

Palm Rocket Kids Cag

A great semi dry cag made specifically for younger paddlers!

Peak PS Deluxe Jacket 2.5 Evo

Made with fabrics containing recycled yarn and the Peaks Evo construction

Peak PS Freeride Jacket Evo

Peaks dryest most comfortable Freeride Jacket to date.

Hiko Sport Paladin Air4.N Semi-Dry Top

Designed with the latest technology and features to ensure you stay dry and comfortable.

Hiko Sport Paladin Air4.X Dry Top

Embrace the thrill of the "off season" with a dry jacket that's as adventurous as you are.

NRS Stratos Paddling Jacket

A great option for staying warm, dry and comfortable on the water.

NRS Men's Rev GORE-TEX Pro Dry Top

Premium performance featuring GORETEX Pro

NRS Women's Rev GORE-TEX Pro Dry Top

Premium performance featuring GORETEX Pro

Kotatat GORE-TEX PRO OM Dry Top

The ŌM Dry Top is made with the latest GORE-TEX PRO Material for ultimate dryness and breathability.

Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 Blast Jacket

Light weight short sleeve twin waist cag with neoprene neck and Lycra coated stretch bicep cuffs

Kokatat Hydrus 3.0 Mens Stoke Jacket

Category leading performance backed up by Kokatat's limited lifetime warranty.