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Steve Whetman, founder of Whetman Equipment with a name like that had to get immersed in watersports! He has been paddling for over 30 years and gets on the water every week. Adventure kayaker, sponsored by various major paddlesports manufacturers for umpteen years, noted for extreme whitewater solo descents. In Latin America became an experienced raft guide & jungle guide, knotched up many real life threatening river rescues, managed an adventure company. Worked in paddlesport manufacturing for 15 years. Steve is a qualified Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Instructor.
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Whetman Mission Paddler Boot

The go-to neoprene boot for protection, comfort and style!

Whetman Sea Guide Towline mk2

The Whetman Sea Guide features a main tow of 14 meters and also a second ultra short 85cm contact towline.

Whetman Sea Bean  Elite 10m

How small can a sea kayak towline be and still work? Well the answer is about the size of a large Cornish pasty or Croissant or Empanada or Calzone!

Whetman River Bean 3m Towline

A compact 3m kayak towline.

Fish Tail Ear Plugs

Fish Tail Ear Plugs supplied as a pair of reusable silicone ear plugs

Rescue Stirrup

Rescue aid for deep water re-entry back on board a kayak, canoe, SUP or small boat

Whetman Adder 4m Sling

A 4m sling from Whetman with extra large loops at each end

Whetman Equipment Expedition Carry Strap

A simple solution to help move heavy kayaks to and from the water.

Whetman Equipment Pig Rig

A fantastic bundle with two Whetman Python 5m webbing Tapes and two pre prepared prussiks.

Whetman Equipment Dry Map Case A3

Keep your maps and valuables dry.

Whetman HMS Paddle Karabiner Wire Gate

A Whetman branded wire gate krab ideal for paddle rescues!

Whetman HMS Screwgate Karabiner

Classic Pear Shaped karbiner Ideal for belays, rescue rigging multipoints water rescue applications

Whetman Mesh Backpack

Whetman Mesh backpack to carry your paddling equipment.

Whetman Paddle Katcher

Mesh pouch that offers a single compartment to hold your spare paddle blades.

Whetman Paddle Leash

Produced by Whetman Equipment in deepest darkest Devon,

Whetman Python 5M Webbing

The Python is a 5m length of webbing designed specifically for river rescue applications.

Canoe D Ring

Canoe air bag D-ring