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Suitable for your Perception Scooter on flat water
The Diesel offered with 'Blackout' outffitting including ratchet backrest, bulkhead footrest and adjustable thigh braces.
The Diesel is great all round river running creek boat. The 4 by 4 kayak some would say.
Wavesports cross over kayak
A stable tandem kayak suited to ocean and costal paddling - available with or without a rudder.
A touring kayak from Wave Sport! It's a brave new world.
This Blackout option includes ratchet backband.
A great option for those looking for twice the fun! The Gemini is built for 2 and can be used in the sea, as well as on rivers and lakes. Formly the Perception Gemini
A classic all round great value sit-on-top kayak formly the Perception Scooter

Travelling the globe searching for new drops, new waves, and new experiences! For Wave Sport and their extended family of customers, kayaking isn't just a destination. It's about the journey.  If you live white-water kayaking…eat, sleep and breathe it, then Wave Sport is for you. Wave Sport’s R&D team push the parameters to bring you the best performing kayaks on the planet….and always manage to have some fun along the way. 

From freestyle to creeking, Wave Sport puts the tools in your hands (and under your butt) to go out there on your own journey and take control.