How to look after your canoe and kayak gear

To prolong the operational lifetime of your garment, the following instructions should be followed. Failure to comply with these instructions could result in damage to your beloved garment.



  • Rinse the garment naturally in warm water after use, hang it upside down and allow to dry naturally. Resist the temptation to leave it in you kit bag until next time!
  • Store the garment in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight (UV light)


  • Clean your garment in a washing machine or tumble dry.  
  • Clean with any solvents or abrasive cloths. This can cause the material to "breakdown" and render the garment useless.
  • Store the garment in direct sunlight, compressed or on copper pipes.

Taking special care of Latex seals

To ensure that you get the best performance from your Latex seals, these instructions should be followed:

  • Towel dry the Latex seals and sprinkle lightly with talcum powder regularly.
  • Ensure the Latex seals are stored in a cool dry place and are not compressed or in direct sunlight (UV light)
  • Do not use washing detergents on the seals. This can cause them to deteriorate and will eventually lead to them needing to be replaced.

Trimming Latex Seals

  • The Latex seal on your garment may require adjustment to suit individual requirements:
  • Turn the garment inside out. This will help you to see the rings clearly.
  • Marry the edges together
  • Using a very sharp pair of scissors, make an incision through both layers in line with the required 'ring' and the open the seal out.
  • Using the slit created as a start point, cut smoothly round the seal following the 'ring'. Only cut one 'ring' at a time ·
  • Try the garment on to check the fit before trimming off any more. If the seal is still too uncomfortable trim off another 'ring'.