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Spade Kayak

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A fun all-round river boat, designed to keep you safe and make you smile.
Designed to excel in large volume pushy rivers, but happy on the steeps to!

Spade are a young company. But we ain’t no greenhorns. Spade Kayaks has a backup of a few generations of paddlers, with an overall paddling experience of more than 125 years.

We are paddlers. Human beings that have spent time of their life time travelling around the globe, searching for the perfect river. Paddling is a state of mind and a way of living and therefore plain essential for all of us.

But how perfect can the perfect river be, without the perfect boat? We always wanted to build our own kayak, according to our ideas and conceptions.

Mission accomplished? We have no clue. So far. But we sure keep on working hard to get as close as possible, as soon as possible to our objective target. Word.