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Silverbirch Custom Firefly 14 DuraLITE

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An eye catching custom Silverbirch Firefly in DuraLite featuring red full length lacing, laced end grabs, vinyl gunwhales and a stunning red interior/exterior combo. The price given is for a solo outfitting with wood web seats and an ash thwart however can be outfitted with wood cane seats, deep dish yokes or as a tandem. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss these options!

The Firefly is a canoe that is at home in a wide-variety of conditions and with a wide variety of loads. A canoe that paddles well on open stretches of flat water, but is also at home on moderate moving water. A canoe that paddles well with a light payload, but is also more than capable of extended tripping.
And crucially - a solo canoe that is light enough to carry solo........

With weights as light as 25.5kg Silverbirch are confident they have the last point covered, as for everything else..... an extended prototyping process has resulted in a balanced and graceful canoe and thanks to its carefully considered sidewall profile one that takes a wide variety of payloads and water conditions in it's stride!

Consider the Firefly if your  wanting a more responsive nimble boat and your happy with a boat that doesn't have loads of initial stability but tons of secondary.


Construction and Specifications
Duracore plus is a tough and durable three-layer Polyethylene material. 

Made to last with a tough, high-density outer skin, a closed cell foam core, and a medium density inside skin to help dissipate the energy from impacts.

Duracore plus is made with a tough, UV stable, and abrasion resistant outer skin, and is easily repairable at home should you ever have an accident and damage it.
DuraCORE Plus

The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find, the foam has been optimized to have a lower density, giving us a thicker core than that used in Duracore, and the material distribution between the layers has been optimised to make the most of the superior materials.

The result? Stiffer, lighter, and yet just more durable!

The noticeable weight saving over our Duracore laminate puts many models made with Duralite into close competition with more expensive canoes produced with composite or royalex construction methods.

Length 14'3"
Width 29.5"
Rocker bow & stern 2.5"
Depth bow & stern 19.5"
Depth middle 12"
  • DuraLITE with Vinyl Gunwhales  27 kg
  • DuraLITE with Ash Gunwhales 25.5 kg
  • DuraCORE with Vinyl Gunwhales 29.5 kg
  • DuraCORE with Ash Gunwhales 28.0 kg
Silverbirch offer a number of options on all their boats including Custom colours, End Lacing, Full Length Lacing, Rope End Grabs.  Give us a call to discuss 
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