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Silverbirch Canoes

Silverbirch Canoes are proudly British Made and Designed Boats.
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Silverbirch Broadland 15 Duralite

Broadland 15 in Standard Spec with Vinyl Gunwhales

Silverbirch Broadland 15 Duralite - Custom

Custom Broadland 15, custom features include, electric blue interior, factory fitted end loops and end lacing.

Silverbirch Broadland 16 Duralite Custom

This is a custom Silverbirch Broadland 16, custom features include ash gunwhales and ash/cherry deep dish yoke.

Silverbirch Deep Dish Yoke Ash/Cherry

Ash/Cherry Deep dish yoke

Silverbirch Kneeling thwart 6"

Canoe Kneeling thwart

Silverbirch Seat Bolts 8" Pair

Canoe seat bolts

Silverbirch Standard Yoke

39" Uncut Ash Yoke

Silverbirch Wood Cane Seat - Curved

Curved wood cane seat.

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 4"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 6"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

SilverBirch Wood Web Seat - Curved

Curved wood web canoe seat