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Silverbirch Canoes

Silverbirch Canoes are proudly British Made and Designed Boats.
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Silverbirch Broadland 15 Duralite

Broadland 15 in Standard Spec with Vinyl Gunwhales

Silverbirch Broadland 15 Duralite - Custom

Custom Broadland 15, custom features include, electric blue interior, factory fitted end loops and end lacing.

Silverbirch Deep Dish Yoke Ash

Ash Deep dish yoke

Silverbirch Deep Dish Yoke Ash/Cherry

Ash/Cherry Deep dish yoke

Silverbirch Kneeling thwart 6"

Canoe Kneeling thwart

Silverbirch Standard Yoke

39" Uncut Ash Yoke

Silverbirch Wood Cane Seat - Curved

Curved wood cane seat.

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 4"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 6"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

SilverBirch Wood Web Seat - Curved

Curved wood web canoe seat