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Lettmann Biskaya HV DCS Yellow Deck | Grey Hull | Red Trim l Day hatch| Skudder
A proper sea kayak! The Biskayak is as close as you can get to a "classic" british style boat fro Lettmann, stable yet super fast and responsive this design is a great all-rounder Lettmann Biskaya MV DCS | Red Deck | Red Hull | Yellow Trim | Skeg| Front Day Hatch
In CoreLite X, the P&H Delphin 150 offers truly exhilarating performance to small paddlers wanting to take on big water.
The P&H Delphin MKII 155 in CoreLite X is the absolute pinnacle of modern polyethylene sea kayak design; go rule the waves.
A Polyethylene Sea Kayak that takes day & Weekend trips seriously - we have a demo coming!
A stable tandem kayak suited to ocean and costal paddling - available with or without a rudder.
Our Sea kayaks for sale are much longer (4m and above) than other kayaks and are designed to cover distance and carry gear wth ease. Most will have hatches to keep your gear dry and a few accessories such as compass holder, map holder and bailing pump. Most are made from plastic but the more expensive sea kayaks are composite to save weight.