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Silva 70p Kayak Compass

Kayak compass designed to fit most sea kayak designs 

Silva 58 Kayak Compass

A compact kayak compass.

Aqua~Bound Bilgemaster Pump

A superior bilge pump with a stainless steel piston rod

Eckla Atlantic 200 Kayak Trolley

Quick and easy to assemble, perfect for getting a loaded boat to and from the water.

HF Throw Tow

Thew HF Throw Tow is the swiss army knife for sea kayakers. A throw bag, tow line, life line or sea drogue. oozes innovation!

Kajaksport Round Hatch 20

If you've lost your hatch cover look no further!

Kokatat Tactic Pack

A useful 'backpack' style storage solution that can be clipped onto you Kokatat PFD

Palm Paddle Float

Primarily designed as a rescue aid for re-entry and rolling in sea kayaks, but also popular as a learning aid for rolling.

Palm Quick Tow Belt

10 M towline with clean tail safety release system

Scotty Sea Light NO. 835

A great and effective light for kayaks, visible up to 2 miles

Whetman Paddle Leash

Produced by Whetman Equipment in deepest darkest Devon,

Whetman Sea Bean  Elite 10m

How small can a sea kayak towline be and still work? Well the answer is about the size of a large Cornish pasty or Croissant or Empanada or Calzone!

Whetman Sea Guide Towline mk2

The Whetman Sea Guide features a main tow of 14 meters and also a second ultra short 85cm contact towline.