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HF Alpin 20m Throwline

In our opinion the best 20m throw line on the market.

HF Compact 20m Throwline

A solid throw-line that won't let you down.

HF Swifty Belt

A quick and effective way to safely waist mount most HF throw-lines

HF Throw Tow

Thew HF Throw Tow is the swiss army knife for sea kayakers. A throw bag, tow line, life line or sea drogue. oozes innovation!

HF Weasel 18m Throwline

A compact personal throw line, 18m long

Lifesystems Survival Bag

A big orange survival bag! DW paddlers you need one of these...

Palm 4m Snake Sling

A versatile piece of safety kit. 4 meters long with two sewn end loops

Palm Chest Harness

Replacement whitewater chest harness for Palm PFD's.

Palm Cowtail One
Palm Karabina - Wire Gate
Palm Kayak Pump

A great piece of kit that every sea kayaker should have

Palm Ocean Pro Tow Line

Palm's waist mounted 10m towline with large top loading pocket for easy repacking and modular components to allow for user customisation.

Palm Paddle Float

Primarily designed as a rescue aid for re-entry and rolling in sea kayaks, but also popular as a learning aid for rolling.

Palm Pro 15m Throwline

Palm's popular 15 meter throw line with high visability floating rope

Palm Pro 20m Throwline
Palm Quick Release Belt
Palm React Towline

A 3 meter waist mounted towline with quick release buckle

Palm Safety Tape 5m
Palm Screw Gate Karabiner
Palm Zambezi Utility Belt
Peak Gear Belt

The Peak Gear belt is a handy way of carrying essential kit

Peak Tow Line

New colour for 2020

Whetman Adder 4m Sling

A 4m sling from Whetman with extra large loops at each end

Whetman Anaconda 3M

A compact 3 m tape with sewn in ring

Whetman Equipment Pig Rig

A fantastic bundle with two Whetman Python 5m webbing Tapes and two pre prepared prussiks.

Whetman HMS Screwgate Krabiner

Classic Pear Shaped karbiner Ideal for belays, rescue rigging multipoints & water rescue applications

Whetman Paddle Karabiner

A Whetman branded wire gate krab ideal for paddle rescues!

Whetman Sea Bean  Elite 10m

How small can a sea kayak towline be and still work? Well the answer is about the size of a large Cornish pasty or Croissant or Empanada or Calzone!

Whetman Sea Kayak Contact Line

A useful little rescue piece of equipment