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Founded in 1968, P&H quickly established a range of successful canoes and kayaks spanning various disciplines, with standout models such as the Phazer slalom kayak, and the MKII Surfer still being fondly remembered today.

Producing the Orinoco under licence from Pyranha in 1975 was the beginning of an enduring relationship between the companies, and several more of Pyranha’s models were produced under licence by P&H in the following years.

It was in 1979 that P&H produced its first sea kayaks (the same year that current Production Manager, Perran Shreeve joined the company), namely the ‘Umnak’ and ‘Icefloe’ designed by Derek C. Hutchinson.

In the mid-90s the Capella set the benchmark for polyethylene sea kayaks, followed by the composite Capella in 1997; a few years later in 2003 Dave Patrick retired, selling the company to Pyranha who continue P&H’s heritage to this day through world-renowned models such as the Cetus and Aries.

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P&H Virgo MZ3

A Polyethylene Sea Kayak that takes day & Weekend trips seriously

From: £1,045.00
P&H Virgo HV MZ3

A Polyethylene sea kayak that takes day & weekend trips seriously

From: £1,149.00
P&H Volan MV
From: £2,985.00