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Palm Dry Tops

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Palm Atom Jacket

High Performance XP3 fabric with latex neck and wrist seals

Palm Mistral Shortsleeve Jacket

Versatile XP2.5 fabric jacket with twin waist

Palm Rocket Kids Cag

A great semi dry cag made specifically for younger paddlers!

Palm Surge Jacket

Popular XP2.5 fabric jacket with latex neck and wrist seals

Palm Terek Jacket

XP3 recycled fabric paddling jacket

Palm Vantage Women's Jacket

XP2.5 Single waist paddle jacket with hood

Palm Vector Mens Jacket

Simple and tough XP2 fabric jacket for watersports

Palm Vector Women's Jacket

This is a nice simple cag, perfect if your looking to buy your first cag for any paddle sport.

Palm Zenith Long Sleeve Jacket

XP2.5 fabric jacket featuring Ultrastretch neoprene neck

Palm Zenith Short Sleeve Jacket

XP 2.5 fabric jacket with ultrastretch neoprene seals