Time Line

1954- The Canoe Centre, Twickenham is founded by Shirley Reardon importing the canvas kayaks by Klepper.

1974- George Reardon manufactures the first glass-fibre kayak in the UK. Graham and Bob Goldsmith of Gabo/Perception start making glass-fibre boats

1983- Kirton Kayaks purchase The Canoe Centre and Shirley Reardon stays on to keep the books.

1984- Mark Gee, a kayak racer and paddle maker buys the retails business in Twickenham and runs it along side his paddle making business.
1987- Avid C1 racer George Woods buys Canoe Centre, Twickenham from Mark.

1991- George buys Whitewater Sports and moves it along with The Canoe centre to its current premisis in Shepperton Marina and runs it under Whitewater The Canoe Centre. Shirley is still keeping the books by the way!

1992- George pioneers the concept of 'come and try it' open day

1997- Jason Smith starts working at Whitewater.

1998- Shirely sadley passes away and Mark Gees returns to the keep the books

2001 - Jason leaves WWTCC to start up CKUK

2004- Paddling fanatics Mike and Pete Scutt and Jon Boy Best join the team. 

2007- George and the boys celebrate 20 years of George owning the business

2011- Pete takes over the shop from George

2013- Pete buys a Mac

2014- Pete buys all his staff ipads and plane tickets to anywhere in the world....they decline but are grateful for the offer

George Woods
Claire Chong-Leen
Shaun Baker
Andy Stuart
Jason Smith
Deb Pinniger
Jon Best
Mike Scutt
Pete Scutt