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Kōkatat have been producing quality paddling gear for over 40 years. Having proven to be successful in America their range of equipment is now established in the UK and we are pleased to be the London and South East retailer. Their gear covers most kayaking disciplines and is made for all ages who want top quality products, guaranteed to keep them dry and warm. Kōkatat also focus on having a low carbon footprint and staying green so you can be sure that your gear has been produced with the environment in mind. 





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Kokatat Women's GORE-TEX PRO Odyssey Dry Suit

The Odyssey drysuit is the pinnacle product for sea and touring kayakers

Kokatat Hydrus Mens Meridian Dry Suit

Our most popular Kokatat Front entry Drysuit for Whitewater

Kokatat Hydrus  Womens Meridian Dry Suit

Kokatat's excellent Meridian drysuit for white water paddling with a drop seat.

Kokatat Men's GORE-TEX PRO Odyssey Dry Suit

The Odyssey drysuit is the pinnacle product for sea and touring kayakers 

Kokatat GORE-TEX  PRO Womens Idol Dry Suit

Switch Zip Technology allows the top and bottom to fully seperate with one zipper for entry and relief

Kokatat GORE-TEX Mens Meridian Dry Suit

One of the best drysuits available on the market with excellent user reviews for performance and durability.

Kokatat GORE-TEX PRO Men's Icon Dry Suit

Kokatat's rear entry dry suit with relief zip

Kokatat GORE-TEX PRO Mens Idol Dry Suit

Featuring Switch Zip Technology the top and bottom fully seperate

Kokatat GORE-TEX PRO Women's Icon Dry Suit

Kokatat's rear entry dry suit with drop seat for women

Kokatat Hustle

A low cut side entry PFD, with shaped Gaia PVC-free and PE foam that wraps around all torso shapes effortlessly and comfortably.

Kokatat HustleR PFD

A low cut pull over entry PFD comes specifically designed with all the features required in swiftwater rescue situations

Kokatat HustleR PFD Five Decade Limited Edition

The limited edition version of the HustleR celebrates Kokatat's 50th anniversary

Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 Blast Jacket

Light weight short sleeve twin waist cag with neoprene neck and Lycra coated stretch bicep cuffs

Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 Session Jacket

Looking for a lightweight, breathable performance cag for whitewater? Look no more

Kokatat Hydrus 3.0 Mens Stoke Jacket

Category leading performance backed up by Kokatat's limited lifetime warranty.

Kokatat Hydrus 3.0 Mythic Shorty

The Mythic shorty dry top is made with Kokatats excellent Hydrus 3L material and has latex neck and bicep gaskets

Kokatat Maximus Centurion

The Maximus Centurion type V rescue vest is the latest addition to the popular and award winning Maximus PFD platform. The vest comes standard with the accessory Belly Pocket.

Kokatat Maximus Centurion 2019

Kokatat's class leading type 5 rescue side entry Buoyancy Aid.

Kokatat Tactic Pack

A useful 'backpack' style storage solution that can be clipped onto you Kokatat PFD

Kokatat x Dewerstone Five Decades Limited Edition Life Shorts 2.0

The limited edition Life Short celebrates Kokatat's 50th anniversary