We have a wide selection of kayaks for sale ranging from beginners kayaks to advanced white water kayaks. Just have a look at the various categories of kayaks below to navigate to the right type of boat. Any problems and give us a call.  We also have a selection of demo kayaks and canoes available at our shop for you to try
  • Freestyle Kayaks - Short, low volume boats for playboating and freestyle
  • Whitewater Kayaks - Playful river runners and steep creeking machines 
  • Cross Over Kayaks - Do it all with just one boat, moving water and touring
  • Sea Kayaks - Cover the miles and carry all the gear you need in Rotomoulded (RM) or composite boats
  • Touring Kayaks - Longer, effiecent designs for inland waterways and light coastal paddles with storage
  • Recreational Kayaks - Stable, multi purpose kayaks for calmer waters including tandems
  • Club Kayaks - User friendly kayaks suitable for Club and Centre Use