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Jackson Fun 2015

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Now available in store the 2015 Fun fills the gap between out and out freestyle boats and bigger river runners perfectly...the ultimate Lee Valley Kayak?

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The Fun series is a well established line of boats from Jackson kayak that are truely versatile with volume, speed and all day comfort on the river, but with a fast loose hull that surfs, spins and blunts well so opening up the world of playboating too.

The 2015 Fun is a little longer than previous versions with a little more volume particularly in the stern.  Tweaked bow rocker should keep the front of the boat from perling making for a more forgiving ride.  

The outfitting includes as standard Happy Feet, Foam Seat Pad, Hip Pads, Jacksons Surelock Bandband system and the newly improved fixing system for the hull track.  All 2015 Jackson boats will now use adhesive to secure the track to the hull rather than the traditional welds so hopefully giving a better and longer lasting performance.  The seat can be moved backwards and forwards as needed simply by undoing the wheel nut just in front of the seat, lifting the seat into the new position and screwing the wheel nut back in place.
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