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Hiko Sport

The year was 1990 and over in Czech everyone was struggling to get their hands on quality kayaking kit. So after putting their children to bed Ivan and Marcela Hilgert decided to do something about this! And the rest as they say is history.
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Hiko Sport Paladin Air4.N Semi-Dry Top

Designed with the latest technology and features to ensure you stay dry and comfortable.

Hiko Sport Paladin Air4.X Dry Top

Embrace the thrill of the "off season" with a dry jacket that's as adventurous as you are.

Hiko Sport Guardian 3D PFD

The Guardian 3D is a whitewater/rescue PFD with modern 3D construction designed for maximum floatation, fit and mobility.

Hiko Sport Stamina PFD

Your partner in achieving peak performance and endurance on the water.

Hiko Sport Saluki PFD

A super little PFD, perfect to get you racing.

Hiko Sport Jackpot Redwood PFD

The new version of the Jackpot will help you come out on top of the racing field.

Hiko Sport Jackpot x Sirocco L/S Topdeck

Your Essential Companion for Cold Weather Paddling!

Hiko Sport Black Mamba Combo L/S

Designed for sleekness, mobility, and comfort on the water!

Hiko Sport Jackpot x Zephyr L/S Topdeck

Get ready to race, Jackpot style!

Hiko Sport Black Mamba Combo S/S

Designed for sleekness, mobility, and comfort on the water!

Hiko Sport K1 REPEAT Sprayskirt

The new go-to sprayskirt for all beginner and advanced slalom paddlers.

Hiko Sport C1 REPEAT Sprayskirt

The perfect sprayskirt for C1 slalom racing!

Hiko Sport Contact Shoe

Super light neoprene shoe, perfect in tight small boats.

Hiko Sport ODIN Air4.X Men's Drysuit

Keep pushing the boundaries of kayaking with the ODIN Air4 men's dry suit.