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Gloves and Headwear

Keeping your hands warm plays a big part in UK boating. Gloves are the warmest option but do reduce grip and feel on the paddle, while mitts and pogies offer a comprimise between warmth and grip.  

Whether it's gloves, mitts or pogies you after for white water, touring or the Devizes to Westminster you should find what your looking for here!




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NRS Fuse Glove

Looking for extra warmth and blister protection for cool-weather paddling? NRS Fuse Gloves deliver lightweight neoprene insulation with a comfortable fit and excellent grip.

Palm Current Mitts

A breathable, waterproof fabric mitt that velcros to the shaft of your paddle, and keeps your hands warm.

Palm Descent Pogies

Quick-access pogies made from 3 mm CR Limestone Neoprene with Quick Dry thermal lining

Palm Header Cap

1.5 mm CR limestone superstretch Neospan titanium neoprene

Palm Pilot Cap

2 mm Quick Dry thermal neoprene and flatlock stitched for comfort.

Smiley Nose Clip

The perfect solution to stop water going up your nose while out on the water.

Suzy Marathon Pogie

Easy to get your hand into and out of, for sprint and marathon paddlers you need not consider anything else.

NRS Boater's Gloves

Protect your hands from blisters and the sun

Doc's Proplugs 'ear plugs, vented with leash'

Keeps water out, lets voice in. Protects your ears!