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Things to consider when buying booties, kayak shoes, river boots or wetsuit boots (whatever you call them!)

The Sole- If you think you may have to do considerable walking or hiking in them then choose a solid sole as a simple neoprene boot will leave your feet in tatters and can be dangerous if you need to make a quick exit!.
Warmth - The thicker the neoprene the warmer they are! The high ankles obviously keep your ankles warm as well as tucking into your trousers better.
Protection -  From both rubbing in your boat and scrambling about on the banks.




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Palm Rock Shoe

3mm Limestone based neoprene water shoes with a stabilising strap and Diamond Traction sole.

Palm Shoot Boot

3mm Limestone based neoprene watersport boots with entry zip and strap for secure fit

Palm Descender Kayak Shoes

4mm Quick Dry lined neoprene, stabilising strap system and stiffened Palm Diamond Traction Soles

Palm Descender Water Shoe Black/Grey

4mm Neoprene shoe with thermal lining

UK 04
Palm Gradient Boot

Grippy Vibram Sole and low profile reinforced upper the Gradient a great paddle sport boot.

Palm Index Socks

1.5mm titanium coated CR limestone neoprene, ideal worn inside water shoes or combined with dry wear

Palm Paw Shoes

Updated for 2020 - The ultimate low profile bootie for flexibility. 4mm Quick Dry thermal neoprene with a durable Flex Direct sole and stabilising strap

Palm Stomp Socks

3 mm neoprene socks with DuraTX sole protection and a Quick Dry thermal lining, for warmth and maximum flexibility

Palm Tsangpo Sock

The Tsangpo sock is a thermal sock great for keeping your feet warm in cold conditions.