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Touring & Recreational Cags

Touring & Recreational cags are designed for calmer inland waters or the sea. Constructed from light weight or mid weight waterproof materials typically you’ll find these cags have more comfortable looser seals around the neck and wrists although some will have latex wrist seals.  Generally featuring either a Velcro or zipped collar (sometimes both) and Velcro adjustable wrist seals to allow for ventilation and to make it easier to get the cag on and off.  While these seals don’t keep out the water as well as the ones on a white water cag they will cope with spray, rain and wind really well.  You will also find features like hoods, pockets and reflective elements relatively common.



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XP3 recycled fabric paddling jacket

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Peaks best selling Sea Touring Jacket

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XP2.5 Single waist paddle jacket with hood

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The NRS Men's Riptide Jacket is a fully-featured splash top that bridges the gap between basic splash wear and expensive dry tops.

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A great and versatile paddle jacket that will keep you warm and dry when the conditions turn.

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XP2.5 Jacket with latex wrists and twin waist

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Versatile XP2.5 fabric jacket with twin waist

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Simple and tough XP2 fabric jacket for watersports

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Palm Vector Women's Jacket

This is a nice simple cag, perfect if your looking to buy your first cag for any paddle sport.


Made with fabrics containing recycled yarn

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Super lightweight Pertex jacket

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An ideal garment to keep your young ones dry and warm on the water.

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