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Dry Bags & Cases

Dry bags for kayaking are a great way to keep you kit dry! Get a little one for your lunch (5-10 liters) and some bigger ones (15 liter plus) for any clothes and overnight gear! The Exped dry bags are very light weight and great for keeping lots of little bits of gear in. The HF dry bags are a heavier material making them more durable for keeping gear dry in the back of you boat.
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Palm River Trek Rucksack

Perfect for getting all your gear too and from the river

From: £94.95
Aquapac Belt Case AQ828

A great larger dar bag, ideal for bigger phones/camera's or lots of small kit.

Aquapac Keymaster AQ608

If you have a kayak or canoe or go kayaking or canoeing you really need one of these great little dry bags. Perfect for keys / money / small phone.

Aquapac Phone Waterproof Case AQ108

The Aquapac phone case is a must have item for anyone that takes a phone on the water with them! Simple.

Aquapac Small Electronics Case AQ348

A case that works fantastically well and fits the new breed of new "bigger" phones

Aquapac Waterproof IPhone 6/7+ Case | AQ358

A completely waterproof case to fit the iPhone 6 PLUS, Galaxy Note 4 and same-sized phablets.

Exped Fold Drybag BS

Awesome light weight dry bags. Ideal for backpack and double bagging your clothes and important gear.

Exped Fold Drybag Clear Sight

Awesome light weight dry bags with a handy transparent window so you can see where everything is!

GSI Outdoors  Lexan Gear Box

A clear all-purpose, virtually crushproof utility box with waterproof seal and dual lash points.

Ortlieb Medium Weight Dry Bag

A medium weight roll top dry bag available in 3 sizes. You can't beat Ortlieb for dry bags!

Ortlieb X-Tremer

Pretty much the best dry bag we've ever used. Ideal for multiday trips and everything else you might want to use it for.

From: £95.00
WaterShed Futa Stowfloat Buoyancy Bag 17L

A dry bag that also works as an air bag! Genius.

Watershed Ocoee 15L

A totally waterproof bag to keep your valuables dry on the water! We highly recommend the Ocoee.

Watershed Ocoee Liner

A zipped padded liner to protect your fragile gear while in your Watershed Duffel

Watershed Salmon Stowfloat