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When it comes to finding the perfect paddle, look no further than the specialists at Dollo. For years, they have been providing tailor-made solutions, designed with flexibility in mind, for all kinds of water sports. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a younger novice, Dollo has the paddle for you. Their Proxima model responds to the requests of many athletes by providing a paddle specifically designed for smaller people and female paddlers. To best suit the needs of younger paddlers, there is the Mini Devil model. Meanwhile, the Bigbang canoe paddle has been a noteworthy success for several months. No matter your discipline – from flat water to white water, creek boat to river kayak and polo kayak - Dollo has the expertly crafted and ultra-resistant blade to suit your needs. Before making a purchase, we recommend you do your research first and contact us at Whitewater the Canoe Centre for a demo before placing an order. We will be more than happy to give you the advice you need to purchase the perfect paddle.
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Bigbang C1 Slalom Paddle

The absolute must-have for any slalom canoe competitor.

Backwash K1 Slalom Paddle

A performance kayak paddle that will help you master the art of canoe slalom.

Devil Creek Kayak Paddle

Whether you're taking part in Kayak Cross or just wanting a unique experience on whitewater!