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A small one person canoe
The UK made Hou 15 is a stable all rounder and a great option for tandem paddling with gear
This classic design is all things to all paddlers, the ultimate all rounder.
Inspired by the classic Prospector the Broadland has been designed as a really versatile boat that will inspired confidence
A fantastic family boat, easy to use, stable and tracks well. The Prospector is also a good deep boat so you can load it up with plenty of kit or people.
We have a big range of canoes for sale. Boats in this category are all open canoes, some times referred to as a Canadian canoes. They have room for lots of equipment and are ideal for taking the kids out on the river. The white water canoes for sale are generally shorter with more rocker which makes them turn faster on the white water. Generally the more you spend with open boats the lighter they which makes them easier on your back on and off the water!

Please note that these canoes are not eligible for our free delivery as they are too big.