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Canoe Paddles

Canoe paddles come in a range of different lengths, shapes and constructions, the longer, thinner wooden paddles are ideally suited for deep water lake & river use, their otter and beaver tail blade shapes have a smooth feel through the water and the natural flex in the wood makes them warm to touch and gentle on your shoulders when paddling all day.
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Bending Branches BB Special

Features an 11 degree offset between blade and shaft for

Bending Branches Black Pearl ST

High performance all carbon flat water paddle

Bending Branches Catalyst ST

The Catalyst is Bending Branches new sustainable canoe paddle

Bending Branches Java ST

A premium touring paddle the Java ST is a beautiful, super light all wood canoe paddle with freestyle palm grip

Bending Branches Sunburst 11

Extremely lightweight canoe paddle with an 11 degree bent shaft to pair efficient paddling on the water with a relaxed, natural grip.

Bending Branches Traveler

Popular choice for flatwater canoeing, made from basswood & red alder with freestyle palm grip

Bending Branches Twig

A canoe paddle made specifically for kids who love to canoe.

Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

A great first wooden paddle that looks good

TNP Canoe Paddle

A classic, durable mutli purpose canoe paddle at a great price.

Werner Nantahala

The Werner Nantahala canoe paddle, strong & smooth a pleasure to use.