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Canoe Accessories

Useful accessories and replacement parts for your Canoe
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Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag

Outfitting your open canoe for white water just got a lot better.

From: £56.00
SilverBirch Wood Web Seat - Curved

Curved wood web canoe seat

Silverbirch Deep Dish Yoke Ash/Cherry

Ash/Cherry Deep dish yoke

Silverbirch Standard Yoke

39" Uncut Ash Yoke

Peak Open Canoe Airbags

Pair of 90cm PVC Canoe Airbags

Canoe D Ring

Canoe air bag D-ring

Eckla Canoe Trolley Canyon 260

The Canyon 260 folds flat with removeable wheels and can carry 80kg capacity

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 4"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

Silverbirch Wood Seat Hanger 6"

Wooden canoe seat hanger - pair

Big Caddy Canoe Trolley

A great trolley that will help you move your canoe or tandem kayak with ease.

Thwart / Yoke Hardware Kit

Factory parts to install a Thwart or Yoke in your Canoe.

Hou Canoes Wide Boy Centre Seat

A larger centre seat for your canoe.

Open Canoe Lash Kit

If your looking to lash in air bags or float blocks in to your open canoe this is the kit you need.

Silverbirch Wood Cane Seat - Curved

Curved wood cane seat.

Silverbirch Deep Dish Yoke Ash

Ash Deep dish yoke

Silverbirch Kneeling thwart 6"

Canoe Kneeling thwart

Palm Universal Mat

You will never know how useful this thing is until you have one!