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Explore our assortment of books on Whitewater kayaking, touring, sea kayaking, canoeing, kayak fishing, different paddling rivers and many more. If you're searching for a specific book and can't locate it, feel free to reach out to us.

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Welsh Sea Kayaking 2nd Edition

51 Great Sea Kayak Voyages

Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide 2nd Edition

Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide 2nd Edition by Steve Maloney

Paddle the Thames

A great guide for paddling the Thames in a canoe, kayak, or even on a sup.

Paddle Scotland Guidebook

Discover the rivers and lochs and gentle coastal trips around Scotland.

Best Canoe Trips in the South of France

Formly the White Water Massif Central Guide Book

Canoe & Kayak Guide to North West England

The second edition of the guide book 'White Water Lake District' first published in 2003

Canoeing - Ray Goodwin 2nd Edition

This book covers all aspects of the open canoe, from design to wilderness travel with focus on canoeing techniques.**Available mid April 2016**

English Canoe Classics Vol. 2 South

An illustrated guide to 28 of the finest tours of southern England's waterways.

Great Glen Canoe Trail

A great guide to Scotlands first formal canoe trail

Kayak Rolling - The Black Art Demystified

A visual approach to learning to roll a kayak or developing a 'bomb proof' rough water roll.

Paddle Shakespeare's Avon

A guide for Canoes, Kayaks and SUPS

Paddle the Severn

A guide for Canoes, Kayaks and SUPS

Paddling Map of Britain

A great map showing all the main rivers and costal spots for canoeing and kayaking in UK.

Rough Water Handling

A practical guide that will help you to master the skills needed to manoeuvre a sea kayak efficiently in rough water and advanced conditions.

Sea Kayak Handling

Master sea kayak handling skills and techniques. Accurate photo sequences alongside simple descriptions will help you put Doug's advise in practise.

South East England & Channel Island Sea Kayaking

A great book covering many of our local and favourite sea kayak trips. It's even got the Black Rabbit Pub in it!

Welsh Rivers 2nd Edition

A complete reworking of the Chris Sladden classic!! More rivers, more information. A must have.

White Water Ladakh Guide Book

White Water Ladakh is a kayaking mini guide intended to act as a catalyst for your own personal adventures.

White Water Nepal 3rd Edition

The New 3rd version is now in stock!

White Water South Alps - Third Edition

65 Classic Runs for Kayaking & Rafting in France, Itlay & Switzerland