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Palm Ion Bib Pants | Small | Yellow

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Palm's Ion Bib offers versatility along with dryness and a relief zip

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The Palm Ion Bibs have now replaced and improved on the old Sidewinders for 2013. They look pretty schweet if you ask us.

Palm Ion Bib features

Articulate design - This seems to be the new thing from Palm this year. There are 6 panels which allow for a 4 way curvature of the legs and mimic the movement of you legs.

Tough feet - The fabric on the feet is a tough 4 layer job with 'Nylon 320D' reinforced soles. We still wouldn't advise walking around in the socks but its re-assuring the have the extra strength in vulnerable place.

Vented 'bib' - The bib part of the garment which cover your mid-rift to now a breathable mesh reducing the sweat factor in an area that normally has lots of layers and movement.

Twin waisted - The 1.5mm neoprene and fabric waist intergrates nicely with your cag and spray deck. Velcro adjustment on each side make it easy to get on and off and provide a nice snug fit.

Flexible TIZIP MasterSeal front zipper- Don't get caught in it!

Combine these trousers with a decent cag and your pretty much have a flexible semi-dry suit. Ideal for travels etc.

Check out this video at 2m 03sec for a run down of the Palm Ion Bib's from the Palm MD

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